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Weeks of October 18th-October 26th, 2012 October 17, 2012

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This week students will be applying properties of operations: commutative, associative,  distributive and identity. In addition, students will be begin to combine like terms in expressions. Next week, students will continue to combine like terms to simplify expressions. Also, they will translate and evaluate expressions.

For extra practice, students may go to the websites linked on the right hand menu. Due to conference week, in Ms. Monsalve’s class, they will receive work for extra practice.

Have a math-tastic week!


Math 7 – Week of August 27, 2012 August 26, 2012

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Congratulations to all for a wonderful first two weeks of school!  If you have not secured a 1 subject spiral notebook and 1 composition notebook, please get these immediately.  We just finished our week of adding with positive and negative rational numbers.  This week we will begin subtracting with positive and negative rational numbers.  This can be a challenging concept for many students, so it is very important to be at class everyday with your necessary materials.  Parents, we strive to assign homework twice a week.  There may be the opportunity for the students to begin this prior to leaving class.  Consult your student’s agenda daily.  They should be logging all their assignments in there.  If there are any questions or concerns regarding homework assignments, please feel free to contact your student’s teacher directly for verification.  We look forward to another successful week with our rational number system! 


Welcome Back! August 13, 2011

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Welcome to Lindley 7/8 Academy!  We are so glad you are here and looking forward to another awesome year at Frank P. Lindley Middle School!  The Math 7 team is planning an exciting year full of lessons and activities designed to facilitate success for your child in seventh grade Math.  We encourage you to join PTSA and become an active part of all of the wonderful things that will be going on this year. 


In addition to the Lindley Binder, each Math 7 student will need a composition notebook and 1 subject spiral notebook.  These can be purchased at most local stores for a nominal price.  Students should come to class daily with paper, pencil, and a positive attitude.  Most other supplies will be provided to your student by their teacher.

Please check this page weekly to keep current with what will be going on in Math 7 this year.  For more specific details such as test, quiz and homework information.  Please click on the specific pages Math 7 or Math 7 Connections.

Thank you for sharing your children with us and we look forward to a wonderful year!


The Math 7 Team